Road Diaries – Naples

Francesco and I played our second duo gig Saturday night in what was one of the most interesting venues I’ve ever played. You can read about the Fontanelle Cemetery here. It has a very interesting, if not macabre history. I love Europe for things like this.

The performance was stellar. Francesco is a very accomplished pianist and his way of playing is as steeped in the European tradition as it is in the American. A very “ECM-ish” kind of vibe with lots of beautiful rubato. It really makes me play in a different way and it challenges me in the best ways.

An unexpected treat have been the hangs. Hangs on the road and especially in Europe are always deep, dinner doesn’t typically start until 10 or 11. What has been wonderful this time is that there is another American pianist in town for sort of a parallel tour. Peggy Stern is here playing with my good friend and fellow saxophonist Guilio Martino. It’s always nice to meet other musicians while traveling. There is a kind of “brothers/sisters in arms” vibe. Lots of talking, laughter, stories about mutual friends and colleagues going deep into the morning hours.

I have a couple of off days and on Wednesday I’ll be paying a visit to the Navy Band here in Naples to see some old friends from a past life.

Here’s the latest round of photos:

Metro stop on the way to the gig
Road leading to the catacombs
Audience during sound check. We killed…
Altar near the entrance of the catacombs
Audience from the stage, and my blurry saxophone neck.
Dinner after…

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